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Romics 2014 

Romics 2014 


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It’s my birthday…? It’s my birthday!

Last year, my own mom and dad forgot my birthday…



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WHAT ???

I do not believe, in Italy zoey wins in TDAs??

Now I can say for the second time that all stars was the worst season ever.


((WARNING: This chapter contains adult content. Please read at your own risk.


I feel so awkward about uploading this. Also crappy comic is crappy and lacking backgrounds but oooooh well, you all wanted it so bad and it seems like Warden feels the same.

This is a very short chapter, the next one will be extra long to make up for it though :) ))

Warden: *It’s pretty common knowledge that the Warden is a man with a high libido, and with all the crap that goes down in Superjail on a daily basis it’s also common knowledge that he’s not too classy about it. Why should he care? It’s not like anybody can complain if they see him, say, in the company of three handsy flying gloves. Or, for example, having mud-covered sex with an alternate female version of himself. That’s why it’s not surprising that he’s sequestered himself off in his office with the blinds drawn (even if nobody can see up that high into the staff tower it’s just unnerving to do what he’s doing with an entire transparent wall behind one’s back) with a stack of photographs of his boyfriend. He’s not used to having to wait, and it is driving him mad. While he’s a sprightly man- filled with boundless energy and a manic personality- he is still getting on in years, and this means that what he’s doing is putting a fair amount of stress on his body. He’s lost in a haze with his forehead on his desk, one arm around his head with his hand fisted around a crumpled photograph of the Once-ler. Others are scattered across the surface of the table, a few having fallen to the floor. The other arm is disappearing behind the desk and moving at a rather furious pace. He’s breathing heavily- occasionally panting as he misses a breath and almost suffocates, red-faced and twitching, shoulders heaving. He’s not actually on his first round, so to speak. He’s got a couple of hours to himself and damnit, he’s going to get rid of all this pent-up sexual frustration before he loses himself in another moment with Once-ler and tries to force himself upon him. He still doesn’t know what exactly is the big deal about being forced into it, but if it upsets Oncie then that makes life difficult for him.*

Once-ler: *having feeling incredibly cheerful about the last moment he spent with the Warden, he decides to go find him. He’s rather chuffed. The Warden had no idea what he was doing and he still managed to completely cheer the young man up in a way no-one else could. He’s already forgotten about his mother, or at least trying to push it out of his head, and has dedicated his focus now to just enjoying himself in Superjail and being with the Warden. He expects the Warden to be in his office, as usual, and wants to find him to go for a drink at super bar, so he makes his way to his office. Once there, he’s completely unaware of what’s going on inside until he opens the door and steps in* Hey, War- *at first he doesn’t know what’s going on. For the first few seconds he recognises it as Warden having a headache, or tummy ache, or fever, or feeling sick, but after those seconds pass he realises what’s really happening and his eyes widen in shock and he gasps, suddenly frozen in a stare, immediately turning bright pink.*

Warden: *His head snaps up quickly, and he, too, is wide-eyed with shock. Then his entire body convulses and eyes tighten. A strange choking noise forces its way out of his mouth but he turns it into a very strangled-sounding bark of speech* Aa-agh! What the hell- *his head thumps to the desk and his arm comes up to shield it from Oncie’s vision. He continues talking muffledly into the table* What the hell are you doing in here?! *His other hand hasn’t left its position under the table. First of all, he can’t exactly bring it out now. That would be kind of like admitting defeat. And second of all- he’s now too distracted by panic to notice that his hand is still doing what feels best, running his thumb over himself. Oncie can wait his damn turn. Even if he is about ready to die on the spot- how could he have forgotten to lock the door?*

Once-ler: H- haa- *he’s gone bright red to the sight of his boyfriend doing that to himself and he still can’t seem to move or speak, too in shock. He eventually manages to form words though* I was jus- I wanted to ask if- I’ll- I’ll just go and let you finish! *he quickly turns around and slams the door- “Let him finish?!” He starts thumping himself on the head in panic and idiocy. “WHY did I say THAT?!”*

Warden: *Mentally reeling off every curse word he knows, and inventing a couple as well as his head remains on the table, visibly twitching a little. Once his boyfriend has run out he raises his head up with a wince and catches sight of the photographs strewn across his desk.* *Lets out a heavy sigh* Well, since I’m here. *rests his head on his free hand and just… decides to continue a little. There’s no way in hell he’s going out there right now, and even after however many times he’s done this he’s still all wound up. He’s probably only making things worse for himself, and a smarter guy might decide to have a cold shower instead, but the Warden is nothing if not a slave to his basest desires. But, eventually, he’s worn himself out enough to clean himself up, tidy away his desk, and very, very sheepishly step out of his office.*

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